Saturday, 22 April 2017

How to Search Bulk or Multiple Images in Computer

How to Search Bulk or Multiple Images in Computer
and How to Search Multiple Files in a Folder in Windows 7

Many Computer User Don't know Search Bulk or Multiple Images or Files in their Personal Computer, So here the Step by Step to Follow : 

* First Search Images Name Add in Excel

* Now Type the 1, 2 in Column B, Select the 1 & 2 Row
  and Drug or left Side Double Click on Mouse

* Now Copy and Paste in Same Down Column

* Now Select the All Numbers

* Right Click on Mouse > Select the Sort > Click on 
  Sort Smallest to Largest
  Sort Warning

  Select the Expand the Selection
  Click on "Sort"

* Now Select the Images name

* Press Ctrl+H (Find and Replace)

  Find What "Leave the Blank"
  Replace With Type the "OR"

  Click on "Replace All"

* Copy and Select the Blank Row
  Click the Right Click > Click on Paste Special>
  Paste Special Dialog Box Appear >  Tick the "Transpose"
  Click on "OK"

* Images name Will Appearing Horizontally

* Copy the Maximum 160 Count Row

* Paste in My Computer

* Bulk or Multiple Images will Appear

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