Friday, 17 February 2017

Pivot Table in Excel

​How to Use Pivot Table in Excel

Pivot Tables is one of the Excel's most powerful features. A Pivot Table allows you to extract the significance from a large, detailed data set

Insert a Pivot Table
To insert a pivot table, Below the following steps.

1.  First Arrange the Data Field in Cell 
Below Following Example

Book                          251
Dictionary                 25
Pencil                        245
Pen                           21
Eraser                      10
Text Book                12
Sharpener               4

2  Next Select the Selected Data 
3   Go to Insert Menu
4   Click on Pivot Table Dialog box
5 ​ Below Screenshot Create Pivot Table Click  OK

Pivot Table Will be Created

Go to Pivot Table Sheet

in Pivot Table Filed Tools

Choose Field to add to Report Option 

Click on Description & Value Field

Now Description Drag to ROWS Field

Then Value Drag to VALUES Field

That's it Pivot Table is Created

Here the Below Pivot Table Completed Screenshot​ Image Link


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