Friday, 17 February 2017

INDEX With MATCH Function Formula in Excel

Combining the INDEX Function Formula with MATCH Function Formula In Excel

INDEX Function Formula With MATCH Function Formula

need to specify more complex conditions when writing your formula in Excel. You can combine the INDEX function Formula with MATCH functions Formula

This Function Formula is Most Useful to Reverse LOOKUP Find, Look like Similar to VLOOKUP Function Formula,  VLOOKUP Find Right Side Column Value and INDEX With MATCH Function Formula Find Left Side Column Value

For Example :

 A                          B                             C                                     D

Qty           Product Name                 Product Name              Qty    (Result)
5854           Saree                              Tunic                              552   
8582           Dress Material               Shirt                               2524
2854           Tops                               Saree                             5854 
2524           Shirt                                Dress Material              8582
552             Tunic                               Tops                              2854

INDEX With VLOOKUP Function Formula is 


=INDEX(A:A,(MATCH("Shirt",B:B,0)))  For Use Only one Individual Data Find

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