Friday, 17 February 2017

Discount Formula in Excel

Discount Formula in Excel

To Discount Formula an original price minus 5 is the same as Calculate to 95 of that value so if you have the Product Price (4585) in A2 use the Discount Formula

Here the Below Example for Discount Formulas : - 

5% Discount formula is =A2*0.95

10% Discount formula is =A2*0.90

15% Discount formula is =A2*0.85

20% Discount formula is =A2*0.80

25% Discount formula is =A2*0.75

30% Discount formula is =A2*0.70

40% Discount formula is =A2*0.60

50% Discount formula is =A2*0.50

Another Way to Calculate Discount Formula in Excel

How to Find Discounted Amount in Excel

Column A is Product Price, Column B is Discount Percentage, Column C is Discounted Amount and Column D is After Discount Amount 

Discounted Amount Formula is  =A2*5% 

After Discount Amount Formula is =A2-C2

Another Easiest Way to Calculate Discount Formula 

Column A is Product Price, Column B is Discount Percentage % and C is After Discount Minus Price


After Minus Discount Formula is =A2-(B2*A2%) 

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